Leadership Profiles: Annamarie Monks, Past President

By | January 31, 2023

This week we are continuing our series profiling our chapter leaders at the Officer level. We are featuring Annamarie Monks, Past President. You can check out our previous features of our President, Karen Kinsella, our President Elect, Kim Carlozzi and our Secretary, Patrick McDonough. Read on to learn more about one of our incredible leaders!

Blog: What are you up to these days?

Annamarie: I’m currently a student again! I’m completing a one-year computer science certificate at Quincy College. Previously I was with Partners In Health, the Community Tracing Collaborative, and the State of Washington working on the COVID response for Massachusetts and Washington. Before that, I held positions with Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians, Culbert Healthcare Solutions Consulting, and University Emergency Medicine Foundation/Lifespan.

Blog: How long have you been a member of HFMA?

Annamarie: 20+ years!

Blog: What is your favorite annual HFMA event?

Annamarie: The annual awards dinner. I love recognizing and celebrating with the volunteers who are the heart of this organization. And each year when the Hernan Award is announced, I am inspired to hear about and honor leaders who have dedicated years to healthcare leadership and to HFMA. Until the Downtown Harvard Club closed, the meeting was traditionally held high up at the Club with its awesome view overlooking Boston and the harbor.

Blog: What is your favorite HFMA memory?

Annamarie: One of my early roles was co-chairing the Physician Practice Management Conference. This conference was later incorporated into the healthcare transformation programming. I picked this memory because of working closely with co-chairs and committee members. We had great di

scussions about the latest hot topics and identified engaging speakers for each program. It was rewarding to see it all come together into successful events.

Blog: How has HFMA impacted your career?

Annamarie: HFMA has been a wonderful resource throughout my career. I joined when I was managing a large physician group and wanted to increase my focus and training in finance. I went through the certification process and attended all the meetings I could. At each meeting, there were always pearls of wisdom I could bring back to my organization as well as colleagues who became friends over time. I found a lot of support for my HFMA activities from my employers, especially working in academic medical centers with physicians who valued professional education, certification, collaboration, and service.

Blog: What are you excited about for the year ahead with HFMA?

Annamarie: Meeting members, including Enterprise members, who joined during these COVID years and we haven’t had an opportunity to see them. Also having more in-person events and connecting again with colleagues and friends.

Blog: Wh

at are some of your favorite HFMA resources that new members should be aware of?

Annamarie: From National HFMA, I recommend people check out the “Voices in Healthcare Finance” podcast. I like to listen to podcasts when I walk or drive and this podcast offers timely and interesting stories. Here’s a link. From the Chapter, I like to keep up with the Blog as well as postings on social media. And of course the events! There is really no substitute for the connections – many of them spontaneous and serendipitous – that occur at the in-person events including Revenue Cycle, Women’s Conference, and Annual Awards Dinner.

Blog: Anything we should know about you?

Annamarie: I’m working with the Social Committee and Young Professionals Committee this year. It’s a great group of mostly newer members and they would welcome more people to their merry band planning fun events.

Blog: What is a random fun fact about you?

Annamarie: I’ve participated as a healthy volunteer in several medical research studies including the COVID vaccine. I gained an appreciation of the need for research volunteers when I worked at academic medical centers and helped physicians and PhDs write budgets and submit research grants.