Enterprise Membership: Unlocking the Value!

By | February 1, 2023

Organizational membership in HFMA’s Enterprise Solutions is designed to provide your team with the specialized tools, resources, and education that aligns with their career development goals and your unique business goals.

Enterprise members include leaders with roles in strategic financial planning, training and education, talent development, patient access, and revenue integrity. These professionals leverage member benefits to build staff competencies and drive organizational performance.

HFMA has a member roster ranging from large multi-hospital systems to Critical Access Hospital (CAH) facilities and everything in between. Companies focused on providing solutions to the healthcare finance industry are also among our members as valued business partners.

The blog recently sat down with three chapter board members who are at organizations with enterprise membership: Craig Nesta from Emerson Health, Nio Queiro from Tufts Medicine, and Emily Anne Jacobstein from PwC. Read below for the impact Enterprise Membership has had for their organizations.

Blog: Why did your organization decide to become an Enterprise Member of HFMA?

Craig: HFMA is the premier organization of healthcare finance professionals and Enterprise Membership offers an immense learning opportunity throughout the organization with content ranging for early careerists/entry level team members to senior level leaders.  HFMA is current and contemporary with this content and provides all team members the opportunity to grow in their careers by offering diverse educational courses as well as advanced certifications and fellowship.

Nio: Understanding the need to have a higher skilled workforce it was essential for us to provide our team members education, networking capabilities and a greater source of belonging in the Healthcare Finance industry.  HFMA gives us the opportunity to also bridge the gap between clinicals and financial by creating a common language and understanding on how care, innovation and service growth is reimbursed.  The greatest value is a greater sense of purpose for does team members that are young to the industry as the embrace the profession.

Emily Anne: So many people across our different healthcare practices were already members. By switching to an Enterprise Membership, we are gaining a cost savings while also having better insight into what benefits our staff appreciate the most and the ability to promote more active engagement. This includes recommending specific certifications depending on roles and responsibilities, encouraging attendance at in-person conferences, and making sure membership doesn’t lapse by accident.

Blog: What is the biggest benefit you have seen of Enterprise Membership?

Nio: We found that by providing the gift of membership to HFMA we have positively impacted staff retention, dedication to the professional career growth, and increasing the level of critical thinking of the revenue cycle team. We also saw greater engagement scores as the team appreciates the ability to have a source of educational material, events, and the ability to make sure our training is best in class as we move to greater automation. We have also been able to provide education to non-finance areas in our clinical, compliance, strategy, and legal service as a source of greater understanding of reimbursement, accounting,  and regulatory requirements.

Emily Anne: Team members are really excited about the opportunity that HFMA affords them. It’s been really helpful for our leaders to know what online trainings and certifications are available and leverage them as an extension of our robust internal trainings for staff.

Craig: Offering lifelong learning opportunities to team members continues to be fantastic, especially the opportunity for staff to pursue education on demand and on-line to accommodate all types of schedules.  The suite of educational content is tremendous as demonstrated by the breadth and depth of the diverse financial and related content.

Blog: Has anything surprised you since your organization became an Enterprise Member?

Emily Anne: I’ve been incredibly impressed with how responsive and supportive HFMA has been. We worked closely with them when making the decision to become Enterprise Members and they have continued to work with us to make sure we maximize the benefits of membership.

Nio: The fact that our providers have great interest in membership as they expand their footprint by getting MBAs and really looking at their service line as  a business.

Craig: I would not necessarily say it was a surprise, but certainly excited and proud by the number of team members that pursued and earned certification; especially the Certified Revenue Cycle Representative distinction.