Leadership Profiles: Patrick McDonough, Secretary

By | November 18, 2022

This week we are continuing our series profiling our chapter leaders at the Officer level. We are featuring Patrick McDonough, Secretary. You can check out our previous features of our President, Karen Kinsella, and our President Elect, Kim Carlozzi. Read on to learn more about one of our incredible leaders!

Blog: Where do you work and what is your role?

Patrick: The CCS Companies; Vice President, National Business Development

Blog: How long have you been a member of HFMA?

Patrick: Nineteen Years

Blog: What is your favorite HFMA event?

Patrick: A tie between The Revenue Cycle Conference and the Women’s Leadership Conference (psst…don’t tell the other men that it’s an AWESOME event)

Blog: What is your favorite HFMA memory?

Patrick: I have so many fond memories; from fun times at the golf outing and the annual awards dinner, to learning new regulations at conferences, to the personal friendships I have gained through HFMA, it’s tough to choose just one memory.  If I had to choose, I think I would go with a memory from my first chapter meeting.  I sat down at a table where I knew no one and within five minutes, I was having a great conversation with the CFO of a large hospital, as if I had known him for years.  That feeling of welcome hasn’t changed and is a big part of why I love HFMA.

Blog: How has HFMA impacted your career?

Patrick: Immeasurably.  Most directly, I have done business with a number of people I have met through HFMA and I have been recruited to positions in large part because I have networked through HFMA-related connections.  I can’t imagine how I would do my job without HFMA.

Blog: What are you excited about for the year ahead with HFMA?

Patrick: Adjusting to the new reality (I’m trying not to use the term “new normal”) of balancing in-person and virtual events.  I think it is a challenge that represents a tremendous opportunity for our chapter to engage our members and out sponsors in a collaborative manner that benefits all of us.

Blog: What are some of your favorite HFMA resources that new members should be aware of and tap into?

Patrick: First and foremost, members should not hesitate to reach out to a any member of the Board of Directors if you think we can be of service.  We are in these positions because we love HFMA and want to help our members.  Second, attend meetings – whether in-person or virtually – whenever possible.  You never know when you will learn something of critical importance to your job or when you will make a network connection that unlocks a previously unknown resource or opportunity to you.  Finally, don’t be afraid to volunteer for committees. And I haven’t even discussed certification, the “Community” section of the national HFMA web site, our blog…I guess my real advice is “dive right in and immerse yourself, because there are A LOT of tools at your disposal!”

Blog: Can you share a random fun fact?

Patrick: I am 48 years old and can still comfortably admit that I love dinosaurs and will discuss them at any and every opportunity