Want to Contribute to the Blog?

The Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter of HFMA provides educational, professional development, and networking opportunities to members. Our chapter blog is one of the key ways we share information with our members. The blog is designed to be timely and informative while providing a mix of social and educational posts. With updates multiple times a week, the blog should serve as a go-to resource for members.

Topic areas include:

  •       Industry Topics (Managed Care, Compliance, Revenue Cycle, etc.)
  •       Other Programs (New to Healthcare, Women’s Leadership Conference, etc.)
  •       Careers (Career Development, Professional Recruiter Tips, etc.)
  •       Members (New Member Spotlights, Awards Features, etc.)
  •       Social/Networking (Announcements and Recaps for Events)
  •       New from National (Highlights from National HFMA)

We welcome submissions to the blog. If you are planning on sending in a submission, please follow these general guidelines:

  •       Titles should be short, focused, and intended to catch a reader’s attention
  •       Keep writing short and punchy (remembering that a lot of folks will probably be reading the blog on a mobile device or tablet, rather than printing).
  •       The first paragraph should give an intro to the post to hook the reader (the way the blog will display in our emails to members, only that first paragraph is visible before the reader has to choose the “continue reading option”).
  •       300-500 words is a great length.  If you’d like to write something more lengthy, we could think about breaking it into a few different parts (posting one each week with a “stay tuned for more . . .” hook at the end of each post).
  •       Language should be professional and somewhat formal, but it’s okay to use bulleted or numbered lists to convey points rather than writing in a paragraph style.
  •       If you want to link to any other material, either include a hyperlink in your draft or send the URLs you like to link to and we can insert the hyperlinks.
  •       It’s great to include photos (especially for networking or social events). Please include these in your submission along with captions noting who is in the photo.
  •       All editing and posting decisions will be made by chapter leadership

To submit a blog post, please email with “Blog Post” as the subject line. Please include your name, title, employer, email address, and telephone number. Once your submission has been reviewed you will be contacted to let you know if your post has been accepted and if so when it is scheduled for publication.

Thank you for submitting your blog post and for supporting HFMA!