Welcome New Members! August 2023

By | September 1, 2023

The following members recently joined. We welcome you to the Chapter and encourage you to take advantage of the many professional development, networking and information resources available to you at HFMA. Other HFMA members are a terrific resource for your everyday professional challenges – we encourage all members, current and new, to get involved with HFMA committees and social activities. And… use the Membership Directoryit’s a great resource! We value your membership, so please send us feedback or questions on your HFMA experiences to admin@ma-ri-hfma.org.

New Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter Members

Bukola Alli, Chartis Group

Nathaniel Augustin, Tufts Medicine

Ellen Bacon, Emerson Hospital

Meagan Beausolei, Tufts Medicine

Karen Berteletti, Tufts Medicine

Peter Borla, Boston Children’s Hospital

Chelsea Callahan, Tufts Medicine

Aruna Chong Quiroga, Cambridge Health Alliance

Michael Cloutier, Tufts Medicine

DeeAnn Colvard, Tufts Medicine

Erin Couture, Grant Thornton

Connie Deng

Tamara Ethridge, Tufts Medicine

Joseph Giantonio, Tufts Medicine

Konstantin Gorelik, Berkeley Research Group

Joe Hebert, Jorns & Associates

Jennifer Jiang, Tufts Medicine

Michael Kondas, Tufts Medicine

Marie Kuo, Emerson Hospital

Cam Nhung Lam, Tufts Medicine

Deborah Lavallee, Lifespan Corporation

Jocelyn Mccoy Brown, Tufts Medicine

David Miller, Tufts Medicine

Adam Minter, Boston Medical Center

Shay Nantege

Caroline Orgel

Williams Phillips, Tufts Medicine

Kendrick Prinston, Tufts Medicine

Massah Sawi, Tufts Medicine

Rebecca Smith, Tufts Medicine

Rainey Stewart, Tufts Medicine

Christopher Szczerba, Tufts Medicine

Maitri Tanna, Elevance Health

Natalie Turner, Tufts Medicine

Ashley Vasquez Lopez, Emerson Hospital

Nanisha Walker, Tufts Medicine

Sherika Waller, Tufts Medicine

Thelma Williams, Tufts Medicine