New Board Member Spotlight – Meet Jonathan Moss

By | March 19, 2024

HFMA is pleased to bring you a New Board Member Spotlight of Jonathan Moss. Keep an eye out for more interviews coming regularly.

Tell us how you came to a career in healthcare and the path to your current position in your organization.

[jm] I grew up with a Pediatrician (father) and nurse (mother) as parents. I suppose you could say I was destined for a career in healthcare. Most of all, I find myself in the role of servant leader. As a result, my passion has been to find ways to support caregivers with revenue cycle improvements, well-being support and patient experience improvements. After 20 years in provider revenue cycle, I found myself working on the vendor side of the business on a solution that would greatly improve and simplify the consumer financial experience.

What was your moment of truth?  Share an event or a decision that became a defining moment in your career.

[jm] VERY early in the pandemic before supply chain challenges arose, I heard providers were being asked to conserve PPE. Despite my being in a revenue cycle role, I arranged for the N95 masks at the local hardware stores be brought into our health system. “Nobody should ever get in trouble for doing the right thing,” was a phrase a former colleague (HR manager) used to say. Many extraordinary efforts were necessary for our systems and caregivers to get our communities through the height of Covid.

Give us a glimpse into who you are? Please share an anecdote, funny situation, or unexpected event from your career?

[jm] I coined a term at work – “salary day.” I use this term to identify activities that someone completes “in their day’s work” that effectively covers their salary for the year. It is not generally a frequent occurrence, but these “big wins” are particularly gratifying. One of my most memorable “salary days” was when I figured out an efficient mechanism for returning unclaimed property held by the state to my health system. Now, I do this on occasion for other organizations.

How has your time as an HFMA Member benefitted you?

[jm] The network and confidence brought about through HFMA has helped my career immensely. By having meaningful relationships with colleagues outside of my current organization, it has brought perspectives, approaches and solutions to the workplace that would have been much less likely to be successful without this ‘network impact’ being brought to bear.

What book are you currently readying, podcast are you listening to, or series you are binge watching?

[jm] My favorite podcasts include The Drive (Dr. Peter Attia discussing aspects of longevity), NYT Daily (an in-depth story from NYT), NPR’s Up First (daily news digest) & Coaching for Leaders (Dave Stachowiak interviewing successful leaders).

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

[jm] I remain an active aging athlete – mostly rowing and triathlon.