Welcome to the board: Eva Greenwood

By | June 13, 2023

As we kick-off the new HFMA year, we are excited to welcome three new members: Eva Greenwood, William Sullivan, and AnnMarie Martinez to the board. Over the next few weeks we will be learning more about each of them. To start things off today, we will hear from Eva.

Blog: Eva, welcome to the MA-RI HFMA board! To start, would you please tell us where you work and what your role is?

Eva: I work at Lifespan as the Senior Vice President of Finance

Blog: You recently returned to Boston after some time away. What are you most excited about for this year with the MA-RI HFMA chapter?

Eva: I worked in Boston for 20+ years, then left and moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 2018 for a job opportunity. I am a longtime HFMA member and am excited to be back in the New England area now and get reacquainted with some familiar faces.

Blog: Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

Eva: Both of my children were married last year, one in June and the other in July. My husband and I moved from Charleston to Boston in August so I could start my new job at Lifespan. It was a very busy summer!

Blog: It sounds like you are busy! What do you do for fun outside of work?

Eva: Gardening and traveling

Blog: Eva thank you so much for your time, welcome back to New England and welcome to the board!