Sarah Wilcox on Finding Your True Self & the Joy of Fearless Living!

By | July 7, 2022

The MA-RI HFMA Women’s Leadership Conference, held on June 17, was an amazing day of presentations and discussions focused on being “Better Than Ever: Inspiration to Be You”.  One of our speakers was Sarah Wilcox, a coach and mentor who works with women on how to live their lives according to what they truly value.  The pandemic has really shifted the conversation about employment from productivity to how to find our true selves in our professions, and making us value our experiences with an organization.  Sarah talked about how the intellectual and emotional pursuit of our true self sometimes puts us out of step with the main stream, and we should not be afraid to keep moving forward with being on that side path.  Finding our true self resonates with what makes you get up and go to work every morning – that should be our goal!

Sarah also stressed how important it is to spend quality time with yourself, so that you have a good understanding of what is important to you at your core, and what will bring you satisfaction in your profession. She explained that culturally we now have permission to take calculated risks with our careers.  Our values serve as our road map to who we are, and they need to be in synch with how we carry out our professional work.

Lastly, she encouraged participants to spend time with themselves so that they could set their intent – finishing the sentence “I see myself as….”.  She encourage them to be courageous in the face of unplanned mountains, as joy is fearless living!