New Incoming Board Members Share their Passions for Healthcare Finance!

By | June 23, 2022

Angela Confoey – “I’m passionate about all things related to the Revenue Cycle, and how as leaders we can continue to share innovative ideas and utilize new technologies to make our processes more efficient, ensure compliance with regulations, prevent lost revenue, and improve the patient financial experience. I also love providing future leaders in Healthcare Finance with opportunities to learn and reach their career goals.”

Emily Jacobson – “I’m passionate about mentoring and developing diverse futures for our industry.”

Craig Nesta – “I am passionate about physician practice management and supporting physicians as well as the clinical and administrative teams to provide patient centric care.”

Patrick Ouellette – “Pat is a health law attorney at Mintz who focuses his practice on representing health care organizations and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional–US (CIPP–US). He advises clients on a broad spectrum of regulatory, compliance, data privacy, and transactional matters. He has also served as Corporate Counsel at a large dialysis services company and as Assistant General Counsel with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.”

Niobis Querio – “Niobis brings with her 30+ years of experience in both the hospital and physician revenue cycle industry. Nio uses her expertise in Lean and Six Sigma to drive change across diverse healthcare delivery channels, hence, bridging the chasm between finance and clinical care. Nio has used technology innovation strategies unique to Revenue Cycle as a success driver for operations and financials as exhibited in the designation by Modern Healthcare as one of the 25 Top Innovators in Healthcare for 2021.”

Marybeth Remorenko – “From the time I was little, I always wanted to take care of people and admired my grandfather who was a chief of medicine at a hospital in New York. I heard stories about how he made house calls back then and accepted vegetables from people’s garden for those who couldn’t afford to pay. I’m inspired by the providers who take care of our community and see health care finance as an area where I can use my business and finance skills to support the mission. I hope to make it a better experience for patients while also making sure the providers and hospitals are compensated for their hard work and dedication.”

Charles Zanazzi – “My passion in healthcare finance has been to understand and find creative solutions to the challenge of cost control and quality of care. I have been involved in supporting the industry since 1993 and have seen several iterations of “reform”. My efforts have been focused in helping support creative and innovative efforts in the private sector to decrease cost pressure and increase patient quality and consequently attempt to influence and understand public policy in this area, learning from our mistakes and maximizing our successes as we go.
Through my decades in finance support I am most proud of my support of the independent physician practice community in creating structures in which they can innovate and thrive. In a small way I hope we have helped to support their integration into the larger healthcare finance system in a very positive way. I am honored to be joining the HFMA Board and look forward to my engagement with the entire organization.”