Board Member Spotlight – Meet Jenny Davies

By | December 28, 2020

HFMA is pleased to bring you a recurring feature on the blog, the Board and Committee Member Spotlight. Below is an interview with one of our board members, Jenny Davies, discussing her history and future with HFMA. Keep an eye out for more interviews coming regularly.

What was your first job and how did you end up with it?

    • [jd] I took my first business and accounting classes when I was in my thirties. (I was prompted to go back to school by a mentor who saw something in me that I had not recognized. A special thanks to Carol Webb. My first job after I passed the CPA exam was in healthcare finance. I worked as a Medicare Auditor with the Fiscal Intermediary in NH/VT. It was an opportunity to learn so much about healthcare finance, reimbursement, auditing and cost accounting. I was fortunate to meet many good people along the way. 

How has your time as an HFMA member benefitted you?

    • [jd] Being an HFMA member has provided opportunities for continuing education and enhanced certification as FHFMA and has allowed me to network with healthcare finance professionals. Being involved in a committee and as a board member has made the experience so much richer and more meaningful.

What led you to become an HFMA Board Member?

    • [jd] I’d have to say that it’s my passion for education and for fostering growth in others that led me to become an HFMA Board Member.

What is your favorite HFMA event to be involved with?

    • [jd] My favorite event to be involved with is the Revenue Cycle Conference (RCC)! I became involved in the planning committee for RCC before I ever attended the conference at Gillette Stadium. (Can you believe it?!) I passed the CHFP exam in 2014 and wanted to achieve my fellowship (FHFMA), so I volunteered for the RCC committee without knowing much about it. I thought that it would be a good opportunity to learn more about Revenue Cycle. As it turns out, it was so much more than that. I was welcomed by the team with open arms beginning with the first meeting I attended (by phone) and was able to contribute in meaningful ways by coordinating an education session that year. When I experienced the RCC in person, I was astounded by the energy and enthusiasm at Gillette. I’m looking forward to the virtual RCC in January. The planning committee is once again putting together high-quality educational content along with opportunities to network.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

    • [jd] I enjoy being creative. One of the activities I’ve been involved in for the last several years is improvisational acting. I connected with improv when I was going through cancer treatment about five years ago. At the time I was facing a serious diagnosis and months of treatment. I wanted to focus on joy and positivity and found that by doing so, joy and positivity expanded in my life. I’ve learned that there’s discipline behind improv and through that discipline, we can build listening skills and resilience and we can reframe failure. (By the way, I just celebrated five years of being cancer free!)

Who do you admire the most?

    • [jd] My Dad is a person I admire greatly. I’ll share that I did not always understand him. My Dad was a war hero who received the Bronze Star for his military service. He was a man of quiet strength and deep faith. He lived a rather simple life and cherished his family. He died a number of years ago and my heart is full as I think of him.