Board Members Give Thanks

By | November 24, 2020

We asked HFMA MA-RI Chapter Board Members to share what they are thankful for this year:


“This year, I am thankful for the health and support of my husband, 3 daughters, their significant others and my family/friends.  I value the team I work with every day and the leadership of my colleagues at my organization.  I view each day as a gift, and the best is yet to come.” — Donna Schneider


“As always, I am thankful for my friends, family, and health. Particularly this year, I am thankful for the technology and collaboration of the healthcare industry to continue serving our communities virtually with little to no disruption throughout the year.” — Jeremy Shaw


“I am thankful for my health, for my family, and for all of the wonderful colleagues I have the pleasure of volunteering with for MA-RI HFMA!” — Deb Schoenthaler


“My health, my dog, and my fiancé. And for that, I am thankful. Do good, be good.” — Billy Trujillo


“This year more than ever, I am thankful for my family, and that we all get along so well when quarantined together!  I am also grateful for our good health, and our ability to cope during a pandemic!” — Joanna Kroon


“I am thankful for the love, support and happiness of my family and friends, including my wife, Maureen, and our children, Ryan and Maya!” — Eric Schwartz


“I am most thankful for good health and safety for all. More than ever, I feel utmost gratitude for support provided by my family, friends, community, and especially our frontline workers. Thank you for all that you do!” — Dhara Satija


“Above all else, I am thankful for the health and well-being of my family.  And this year especially, I am thankful to work in an industry that does so much to care for so many people.” — Patrick McDonough


“I’m always thankful for the support and love of my close-knit family and our good fortune this year to be safe and healthy. More than ever, I’ve appreciated the generosity of spirit, time and good humor from my longtime friends and co-workers.  We have taken turns lifting each other up during this unpredictable year!” — Karen Kinsella


“I’m thankful for my family and that they are all healthy and safe this holiday season, even though we will not be physically together. Also, so grateful for the frontline healthcare workers tirelessly fighting the pandemic.” — Rick Markello


“This year, I’m not only thankful for my family and health, but I find myself especially grateful for those moments, where I’ve managed to forget the worries of the world, and I’m simply enjoying life with my family — or all alone!” — Kimberly Carlozzi


“There’s so much to be grateful for… I’m grateful that for a little while, the entire world paused to care for the most vulnerable…I’m grateful for five years cancer-free…I’m grateful for my faith in God…I’m grateful for my family and friends…I’m grateful for joy and laughter…I’m grateful for strong leaders in healthcare who continue to foster the communities we serve through a particularly challenging year…I’m grateful for my colleagues, committed to excellence and continuing to adapt to changing circumstances with grace.” — Jenny Davies