Board Member Spotlight – Meet Jeremy Shaw

By | November 3, 2020

HFMA is pleased to bring you a new, recurring feature on the blog, the Board and Committee Member Spotlight. Below is an interview with one of our board members, Jeremy Shaw, discussing his history and future with HFMA. Keep an eye out for more interviews coming regularly.

What was your first job and how did you end up with it? Or what was your most career impacting job and how did you end up with it? 

    • [js] The first job I accepted was an analyst position at a revenue cycle consulting firm. A college classmate of mine had referred me to the organization as they were expanding and looking for entry level consultants. For me, this would also be the most impactful job in my career. Revenue cycle is not something you typically learn about in undergraduate studies so this role was my first introduction to the industry. As I developed my revenue cycle knowledge, it became clear that this would be a lasting career path. For me, it presents the perfect balance of the finance industry paired with a tangible healthcare/community impact.

How has your time as an HFMA member benefitted you?

    • [js] My time with HFMA has benefitted me in numerous ways. Starting out with the early days of membership, the HFMA organization helped me expand my revenue cycle knowledge and skillset. In addition to that, more recently HFMA has helped me grow my network and partner with several different healthcare organizations and vendor partners to create lasting relationships and impactful revenue cycle solutions.

What led you to become an HFMA Board Member?

    • [js] Over the last 3 years I have become regularly involved in the chapter and attending most events throughout the year. The MA/RI chapter is a very close-knit community and I have met so many friends and colleagues throughout the years. Last year, a former board member mentioned that there were some openings and asked if I would be interested – without hesitation I said yes. It was an honor to be nominated and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve.

What are you most looking forward to in your role as Board Member?

    • [js] I am most looking forward to expanding upon the great network we already have in the chapter. Particularly, one of my goals is to increase member participation among young professionals and those that are new to the healthcare industry. HFMA is an invaluable resource for industry trends, personal development, and career growth. It is crucial for us as leaders to promote this value to healthcare professionals across the region – not only for chapter stability, but for the greater good of the Massachusetts and Rhode Island healthcare community. In many ways, this chapter serves as thought leaders on several key healthcare issues and solutions. The more people involved, the greater impact we can have.

What is your favorite HFMA event to be involved with?

    • [js] The HFMA awards dinner may be my favorite event. It is routinely the culmination of another great year for the chapter. It is a great sign of gratitude to the most important members that have contributed so much. The cocktail hour is one of the best networking events the chapter hosts – it always seems to reunite old friends and develop new lasting relationships as well. The view, food, and wine certainly don’t hurt.

What was your first HFMA event?

    • [js] Coincidentally, the awards dinner was my first HFMA event as well.

What was the most important take away/ most impressionable memory you have of your early days in HFMA?

    • [js] In my very early days of HFMA, I was more of a “silent” member – consuming as much information from the magazines and website as possible to stay up to date on the latest and greatest healthcare news – particularly as it relates to revenue cycle. When I became an active participant in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island chapter, the most impressionable memory I have is the relationships. As previously mentioned, this chapter is a very close-knit group and it was extremely motivating for me to get more involved and be a part of healthcare leadership in the region.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

    • [js] I most enjoy spending time with friends and family, playing golf, and watching sports.

Who do you admire the most?  

    • [js] Roger Federer – humble, yet relentless competitor. He is also a great humanitarian. He always seems to do the right thing and routinely uses his platform to make the world a better place.