Revenue Cycle Conference: Photos!

By | January 24, 2020

Last week’s annual Revenue Cycle Conference was a win at Gillette! Check out photos of attendees, speakers, and sponsors below!

Kim Carlozzi and Jen Samaras

Sara Sullivan, Evan Dressel, Jonathan Moss, Katherine Batten

Vendors at the conference

Julie Hall, Michael Carson, Jonathan Moss

Networking between sessions

Vendors at the conference

Tom Policelli, Julie Hall, Kimberley Bruce, Jase DuRard, Bryan Marcotte, Jon Souder

The Revenue Cycle Conference committee

HFMA members and guests enjoy the conference

Laurie Finnigan & Christine Conway

Jayne Kim, Kathleen Maher, Beth O’Toole

YiDing Yu & Jon Shaker

Jerry Remy & Barbara Lynch

Deb Schoenthaler and Jerry Remy

Simone Smallwood & Billy Trujillo