Chapter Awarded Yerger for Corporate Sponsorship

By | July 15, 2019

This blog post is the final in a series of posts on the Yerger Awards that the Chapter won this year.  If you are saying to yourself “what in the heck is a Yerger?” I urge you to go back to prior posts that run through what a Yerger Award is and what is involved in winning one of these prestigious awards.  Chapters can apply for the Yerger Award for work that they have done during the year that helps to bring exceptional educational and social experiences to its members. So far we have talked about our awards for “Digital Communication – Blogging for faster, more innovative communication while reducing costs, and “Expanding the Reach of LinkedIn Social Media Posts – Targeted Outreach and “Promoted” Posts Our final Yerger award was titled:

Evolving Corporate Sponsorship into the Digital Realm

The Chapter’s Corporate Sponsorship program provides necessary operating cash flow and business partner engagement to the chapter, as so we are always looking for ways to optimize our sponsorship program.  In the age of social media, digital advertising, and multiple options for electronic distribution of chapter materials, the Corporate Sponsorship program needed to evolve to be attractive to corporate decision makers.  We also wanted to make sure that we were providing exceptional benefits to our corporate sponsors.  The Chapter was also transitioning from a paper to electronic newsletter, and we knew we needed to be mindful of how this change impacted our sponsorship program.  Our goal was to increase the perceived value of the power of corporate sponsorship by developing higher visibility that is optimized to use digital media such as social media, blog, email distributions, and recorded recognitions. The Sponsorship, Social Media, and Newsletter Committees collaborated on a new approach, and developed new sponsorship tiers with an eye on marketing visibility enhancements. The newly revamped corporate sponsorship shifted features and benefits away from print media to digital media with side bar ads, sponsored blog post options, company visibility on the blog layout, Twitter thank you, and video postings to social media recognizing sponsors.  All of these changes had a positive impact on the satisfaction of our sponsors, as well as to our financial stability.

This blog post is the final in our series on educating members about how your HFMA MA-RI Chapter is working for you, and how that works is being recognized by our National Association through the recognition of a Yerger Award.  I hope that these blog posts have helped you to better understand what Yerger Awards are, but have also allowed you a view into the work that is being done by your MA-RI Chapter of HFMA on your behalf. And I hope it inspires you to attend a conference, participate in a webinar, take one of our classes, or even better become more closely involved in the organization by volunteering for a committee or to help with one of our events.  We would love to have you!