A View from the Capital

By | March 16, 2019

Are you curious about what is going on in healthcare policy from a state perspective? What are the hot topics and debates that will impact each of us and our employers? Come here from Alex Calcagno at the upcoming Health Care Delivery Transformation conferenceon March 28th.

Alex Calcagno is Director of Advocacy, Government & Community Relations for the Massachusetts Medical Society.  She is responsible for advocating the Medical Society’s position before the United States Congress, White House and Executive Agencies.

Prior to coming to the Medical Society, Alex. was Assistant Director of the American Academy of Pediatrics Office of Government Liaison in Washington, D.C.  where she lobbied for children’s health care for 10 years at the national level.  Her first entry into the political arena was as Assistant Press Secretary for United States Representative M. Caldwell Butler.

If you are interested in hearing more, register now for the upcoming conference.